Studying in the UK is a primary choice of many international students. And for the students of Bangladesh, the United Kingdom is a dream study destination. But for many Bangladeshi students, taking a higher education abroad is considered a luxury as it requires lots of money. That’s why, in the past, many Bangladeshi students’ higher education dreams got shattered midway. But now things get much easier. It is possible to get a UK degree at a cheaper cost. There are many international courses available that help students to obtain a British degree at a cheaper cost.

All a student needs is to complete a short UK approved course at a low cost from AIMS Academy and then transfer the credit to the UK to complete the next level of the study programme. Want to know about these courses? These blessed courses are named as the OTHM and ATHE. Before learning about these, let’s know some benefits of taking a UK degree at a cheaper cost.

Why a UK degree?

Students who are interested in studying in the UK have already known the benefits of taking a UK degree. In this article, we will learn how to get a UK degree at a cheaper cost. Before that, here I am showing some remarkable features of a UK degree-

  • Top quality teaching from the world class universities
  • Short term degree ( only takes 3 years to complete a Bachelor degree)
  • Part-time work opportunities
  • 2-3 years of post study work permit
  • Many scholarship opportunities
  • Great country to live in
  • Immense course options
  • Work placement opportunities
  • Cultural Diversity and many more.

Can I get a UK degree at a cheaper cost?

It is obvious that students chase the UK education for its abundance of benefits. But due to lack of knowledge, students often stumble to achieve their higher education dream. Why? Quite simple. They are afraid of the tuition fees and living costs that sometimes become a burden for many Bangladeshi students. But the reality is that the UK government is making education quite affordable for international students. How? By offering many UK awarding body approved courses like OTHM and ATHE regulated by Ofqual.

Through these courses, a student can get a UK degree at a cheaper cost. In Bangladesh, AIMS Academy is a UK approved delivery center that provides OTHM and ATHE qualification at a cheaper cost. Taking these courses at different levels is equivalent to the levels of degree in the UK. We will learn about it in detail in the next.

How to get an affordable UK degree with a low GPA?

Academic results are another barrier that most Bangladeshi students face.The curriculum of the UK and Bangladesh is completely different. So, often academic and English language entry requirements don’t match. Besides, for many reasons, students get a low GPA that hinders them from studying at some top class universities or institutions. That’s where the OTHM and ATHE courses come as a big rescuer. These courses will help a student to get a UK degree at a cheaper cost. No matter what your result or situation is, the OTHM or ATHE courses will definitely level up your qualification to take a degree in the UK. And the best part is, taking these courses are equivalent to a UK degree at a cheaper cost.

Is it possible to get a UK degree with a long study gap?

Study gaps can happen for many reasons. Sometimes, we are puzzled between career choice, family, health, or monetary issues that make us stop to progress in education. If you want to take a UK Bachelor’s degree, a study gap of more than 3 years is not acceptable. Often, some British universities don’t accept students for undergraduate with a gap of more than 2 years. However, What would be the solution if you have more study gaps than this? There comes the benefits of OTHM and ATHE. These courses will help you to get a UK degree at a cheaper cost.

Let’s say, you want to study for a bachelor’s degree in the UK in 2023. But your last qualification was taken in 2018. Long gap, right? It is impossible to take a UK bachelor’s degree directly with such a study gap. But there is a solution. Take an OTHM level 4 course which is equivalent to the first year of a UK Bachelor’s degree. After the completion of this course in less than a year, you can take the second year in the UK. And the cost? It is unimaginably lower than a direct first year degree expense in the UK. And no courses other than these can help you to get a UK degree at a cheaper cost. If you have more study gaps than this, you need to take the level 3 first that is known as the foundation level course.

However, you can directly take the final year of an undergraduate degree by completing the first, and second year through OTHM and ATHE. Besides, you can take the bachelor degree completely at a cheaper cost by staying in your home country. Moreover, if you don’t match the entry requirements for a Master’s degree, you can take Level 7 equivalent to the pre-master’s or master’s degree and after that get a postgraduate degree in the UK.

How Can I study in the UK after SSC at a cheaper rate?

Often Bangladeshi students want to study in the UK after the Secondary School Certificate. After the 10th grade if you want to pursue grade 11, you may look for schools or the pathway programmes to obtain the qualification. To be honest, it is quite hazardous as well as too expensive for Bangladeshi students. That’s where AIMS Academy, Sylhet provides you a great relief. It provides the UK awarding body approved OTHM and ATHE courses and helps students to get a UK degree at a cheaper cost.

Doing Level 3 known as foundation level is equivalent to GCE AS/ A level/HSC. This level will prepare a learner for a Bachelor’s degree in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, and other European countries.

What is the lowest cost to get a UK Bachelor’s degree?

Want to know what would be the cheaper cost to get a UK Bachelor’s degree? Generally, the cost will be the total amount of living expenses and tuition fees.  A Bangladeshi student usually needs to show around 28 hundred thousand in the bank statement if he wants to pursue a bachelor degree in an affordable-range university, UK. This statement is based on the first year’s tuition fees and living expenses. Only doing part-time jobs won’t help students to bear the expenses. Besides, students only get scholarships in the first year. The tuition fees will be more in the following 2 years. Let’s say, you want to study at a low cost UK university and the tuition fees is around GBP 11000 per year.

That means to get the degree, you need around GBP 30000 after reducing the scholarship amount. Yet, only for tuition fees, you need to pay around 3,802,204.BDT. Besides, there is also an amount for the cost of living. 

Amount is bigger right? What if i say only spending around 1,00,000- 2,80,000 (to the highest), you can complete a year of undergraduate and postgraduate courses through the OTHM or ATHE. The benefits are the same, only the difference is in the amount of money you have. Isn’t it a great opportunity provided by AIMS Academy to get a UK degree at a cheaper cost? Now that we know the benefits of these courses, let’s know them in detail.

What is OTHM?

Generally, OTHM is a global provider in awarding British qualifications. It has networks to numerous delivery centers around the world to deliver the qualifications. The OTHM qualification is regulated and approved by Ofqual. The Ofqual is an awarding body, not an institution. It provides level 3 to level 7 qualification at a cheaper cost through multiple delivery centers around the world. In Bangladesh, AIMS Academy is an approved delivery center of OTHM. To take the course, you need to become a registered learner of OTHM through the delivery center. In short, OTHM is an affordable pathway to a UK degree and Master’s programme than the universities.

What are the levels of OTHM and how much does it cost to take?

In OTHM, there are various levels of courses available. From Foundation to Postgraduate, all sorts of courses a student can take through this according to the students academic requirements. To take this level, the cost would be like 1,00,000-1,20,000. AIMS Academy will give a merit based discount on these courses. These courses fulfill a student’s dream to get a UK degree at a cheaper cost. Let’s know the levels of OTHM courses-

OTHM Level 3 as a foundation course

OTHM level 3 qualification is equivalent to GCE AS/A Level/HSC. After SSC, students from Bangladesh can take this level to gain the qualification so that they can take the Bachelor’s degree in the UK. Whereas completing HSC will take more than 2 years, you can complete the foundation course within 6-8 months.

OTHM Level 4,5,and 6 as the bachelor’s course

OTHM Level 4,5,and 6 is equivalent to undergraduate year 1, 2, and 3. If you take level 4 from Bangladesh through AIMS Academy, you can enroll to the second year of a bachelor’s degree. By completing level 5, you can take the final year in the UK. However, if you complete three levels of OTHM from Bangladesh, you can take a Master’s degree in the UK at a cheaper cost. However, no matter which degree you want to take, getting a UK degree at a cheaper cost is only possible through these courses.

OTHM Level 7 as the Postgraduate course

If you do not match the direct entry requirement of a Master’s degree in the UK, taking OTHM level 7 ( equivalent to pre-Masters) from AIMS Academy will enable you to get a Master’s degree at a cheaper cost.

However, all the levels of OTHM are provided at a cheaper cost but the qualification it provides are real and exactly the same qualification taken by the British university. 

Can I get OTHM and ATHE courses without an IELTS?

Taking OTHM and ATHE courses from AIMS Academy doesn’t require an IELTS. Rather, when you take these courses from AIMS Academy, this institution will help you to gain English proficiency through AIMS English. While taking OTHM or ATHE, a student will get the IELTS course completely free.

What is ATHE?

ATHE is a Global awarding organization regulated by Ofqual and other UK and international regulators. This organization works with more than 280 recognised centers over 55 countries. ATHE provides level 3-7 qualifications that are approved as a progression pathway. These levels are relevant to Bachelor’s and Master’s Top up degrees 25 UK and international universities. AIMS Academy is a delivery center of ATHE and provides the levels at a cheaper cost to study in the UK and other European countries..

What are the levels of ATHE and how much does it cost to take?

There are many levels of ATHE from Level 3-7. Level 3 is equivalent to foundation level. The Undergraduate Program provides RQF Level 4,5,and 6 diploma qualifications equivalent to Year 1, 2,3 ( final year) of a three-year UK Bachelor’s degree. Students will be eligible for Top-Up programmes taking one of these levels and can take a Master’s degree afterwards in UK and European countries at a cheaper rate. You can get a UK degree at a cheaper cost through ATHE that will cost between 1,00,000-2,00,000 for all the courses. Besides, AIMS Academy will give a handsome scholarship on the ATHE courses.

Is it possible to get a UK degree after an ATHE Level?

After completing one of the levels of ATHE, one student will be able to transfer their credit to the UK and other European countries. ATHE is a highly qualified course provided by AIMS Academy at a very low cost. 

How OTHM and ATHE courses help you to get a post study work permit?

While studying in the UK, many students want to know how to earn while studying. Earning is very important to cover the expenses. As OTHM and ATHE courses already help a student to get a UK degree at a cheaper cost, yet after transferring credits to the UK or other countries, a student can earn part-time while studying. Besides, after the undergraduate or postgraduate course, a student will be able to get a post study work permit.

Where can you get OTHM and ATHE courses in Bangladesh?

It is obvious that knowing so many benefits of OTHM and ATHE courses, now you want to know which institution offers this course. Well, this course is offered by AIMS Academy, Sylhet. They have the best trainers who are constantly working for the students’ progression and finding the gems out of the stone. Rightnow, studying in the UK from Sylhet is getting tougher. Without IELTS, it becomes completely impossible to study in the UK from Sylhet. Besides, payment methods have also become strict. In this case, having a OTHM and ATHE course can be a great option to get a UK degree at a cheaper cost.

Final Word

So, if you want to get a UK degree at a cheaper cost, OTHM and the ATHE is the only way to get it. Visit AIMS Academy to know about it.


What is the full form of OTHM?

OTHM stands for Organisation for Tourism and Hospitality Management. It is a qualification regulated by Ofqual.

What is the full form of ATHE?

ATHE stands for Awards for Training and Higher Education. It is an awarding body in the UK that provides learners with a qualification in various fields such as health and social care, computing, business, administration management, tourism, and many more.

Why is OTHM so popular?

OTHM is so popular because it is a global provider awarding the British qualification. Besides, taking this qualification is highly affordable. A student can take a UK degree at a cheaper cost through this qualification.

Is it possible to get an OTHM course after SSC?

Yes, it is possible to get an OTHM course after SSC known as foundation level course. By taking OTHM level 3, a student can take the Bachelor’s degree in the UK.The level 3 qualification is time saving and also cheaper to complete.

What are the OTHM levels equivalent to?

The OTHM level 3 is equivalent to Foundation level. The level 3,4,and 5 respectively represents the Bachelor’s Year 1, 2, and 3. And lastly, OTHM Level 7 is equivalent to pre-Masters.

Is OTHM and ATHE recognised worldwide?

Yes, OTHM and ATHE courses are recognised worldwide and through these courses a student can get a UK degree at a cheaper cost.

How many countries recognised an ATHE course?

ATHE works with more than 280 recognised centers in over 55 countries all over the world and has a strong brand presence in the UK.

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